Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a scary time...

Last Wed I was feeling horrible.  Hubby had the stomach bug the weekend before and I thought I had it on Monday.  H had been spared up till that moment.  Hubby took h for a walk so I could get a bit of a rest.  When he came home she threw up.  And continued to throw  up every 15-20 min for the next 12 hours.  At 7 am the next morning I knew she needed more help then we could give her.  Instead of sitting in emergency for God knows how long...I waited till her pediatrition opened and we went.  We were there for just a few minutes and he sent us to the hospital.  She was dehydrated and needed iv.  We spent 3 days in the hospital.  My baby was so sick.  She had rotovirus.  In addition to throwing up she also had horrific diarrhea.  One day I had to change her poppy diaper every 15-20 min.  The nurses were great and I was able to co-sleep with her and snuggle her all day and night.  Throughout the whole ordeal I didnt think much about this pregnancy....just wishing and praying for my baby to get healthy again.  It certainly put things into perspective.  This was the 5th round of gastro-bug in our home since Dec.  It has really freaked me out and I have cleaned everything in my house again with bleach.  I pray its the end.  We need a break.  I never want to see my baby so sick again.

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