Our TTC Journey

May 1999 - start 'dating' (we're both 16 and in high school)
May 2006 - Move across country together after finishing university
Aug 2006 - Engaged - stop taking BCP (not trying but just figure since I wasn't consistently taking them, might as well stop now)
Oct. 2007 - Married
April 2010 - Start TTC
Aug 2010 - Go to Dr. Realize I have inconsistent cycles (spotting) he says I should go back on BCP to stop spotting (wtf?) I ask for a referral to fertility clinic
Jan. 2011 - See naturopath and start acupuncture treatments to try the holistic route to get pregnant first
April 2011 - Consult at clinic
April 2011 - Pregnancy #1. Low progesterone, put on supplements
June 2011 - Missed miscarriage at 12 weeks (fetus died at 9.5).  Go on misoprostol to expel the fetus and then need an emergency D &C as there is retained product.
Sept 2011 - decide that we need to do testing as I need answers.  Hubby gets tested, I wait for Aunt Flow to arrive
Oct 2011 - Pregnancy #2! Low progesterone, put on supplements
Oct 2011 - 6 week ultrasound shows no fetal poll, sent for another ultrasound a week later.  Second ultrasound shows no change. Diagnosed with blighted ovum.  Go on misoprostol again to expel pregnancy.  This time everything clears and I don't need surgery.
Dec 2011 - go through investigation cycle
Jan 2012 - Diagnosed with high FSH and potentially low ovarian reserve. Hubby has poor motility.  Go back for further testing.Start herbs and vitamins to target egg quality and FSH levels.  Hubby on vitamins to help with his sperm quality.
Feb 2012 - FSH has decreased, although still high.  Hubby still has poor motility. 
Feb 2012 - surprise BFP! Wishing, hoping and praying that everything works out this time around!
Nov. 2012 - baby girl is born

If you are new, the best post to start reading for more details on our journey would be here: