About Me

I am a 29  30 and have been married to my husband for 5 years.  He is my best friend. We met in high school and have never looked back.  I am a teacher of students with Special Needs who give me an amazing perspective on life.  Hubby and I have 2 crazy and wonderful dogs that add chaos and joy to our lives.

Paige is on the left, Mali on the right.

We started TTC in April 2010.  A year later, after a consultation with a fertility specialist we found out we were pregnant.  In June of that year, we lost the baby.  In September, we planned to start fertility testing, but found out we were pregnant again for the second time! 4 weeks later, we lost baby #2 (blighted Ovum).

After our rounds of testing, we discovered we were pregnant again.  This pregnancy was successful resulting in our rainbow baby. 

I have always loved to write, but never felt that I had anything to say anyone would want to read about.  With our most recent miscarriage and birth of our daughter, I feel that since writing helps me heal, it is worth it to write and if there is anyone out there experiencing the same 'stuff', it may help them too.

We went through hard times, but I know we are blessed.