Saturday, April 26, 2014

well it starts

Today is cd 29.  I haven't had any signs of af starting...but also had no signs of ovulation .  Since getting my period back, my cycles have been 26-28 days. My boobs usually hurt like hell before af comes when I nurse...but they feel normal.  I know I can't be pregnant cause hubby and I have hardly dtd this month with sickness etc.  Also I know my cycle delay is likely cause I took domperidone a few times when h was sick and nursing non-stop
  However I can't help but think maybe I am.  Maybe I could be.  Maybe I wont have to deal with months and months of heartache.  I don't want to take a test.  I would rather just get afthen have my heart broken seeing 1 red line. Guess I will just have to wait this out.

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  1. I thought this could have been it for me too this cycle. Sure is a mind eff. Oh that would have been so nice to not worry about ttc again! Period started and temps way down with no confirmed ovulation.