Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Didn't think it was possible . . .

To be this humanly tired all. the. time.

I am not working right now (have August off until school starts back up again in September).  I was tired in July while teaching summer school, but I threw it up to the fact that we had a record breaking month of heat waves and waking up so early to teach.  Now, I really have no excuse (except that I'm almost 30 weeks) as to why I'm so tired.  Unbelievably tired.  I and heard it only goes down hill from here?  I have no idea how I will manage for the better part of 2 months when I go back in the fall.

I can't imagine if I am this tired just incubating the baby, how it is going to feel when baby is out and I have to be taking care of an actual human being.

I'm also experiencing vertigo - I feel drunk half the time.  It isn't just when I get up or sit down fast.  I get the spins when laying down.  Fun times.  I see my Dr tomorrow so I'll ask her about this new phenomenon.

However, at the end of the day, I shouldn't complain.  I'm truly blessed to be at this stage of my pregnancy and I vowed I wouldn't be the wining/complaining prego.  (Although ... it is becoming increasingly difficult.)



  1. I was far more tired during my third trimester than I have been since the baby was born. And my baby doesn't sleep well at all, he wakes up pretty much every two hours all night long. Still, pregnancy fatigue wins out for me as the strongest fatigue.

  2. Do you take iron? My OB said most pregnant women will be anemic by the 2nd or 3r trimester if they aren't already in the first. I started some Slow FE from Rite Aid per her instructions, and I think it's really helping a lot. I once thought I was going to pass out driving home from work having that dizzy disoriented feeling. Haven't felt like that in a while, thank goodness, it's scary!

    Congrats on 30 weeks!:)

  3. I agree with Lulu, the pregnancy fatigue is more intense than the new baby fatigue! But take a lot of naps now that you're not working for awhile!

  4. It takes a lot out of your body to grow and incubate a baby! Take some naps and take care of you!

  5. Growing a baby is hard work!

    I second the Slow FE iron supplement. It helped a lot with my vertigo due to pregnancy anemia. It could be worth mentioning at your next appointment.

    Somehow you function on little sleep once the baby comes. You're tired, but it's like you get some kind of magical Mommy Superpowers when the baby arrives. I still don't know how I functioned on what little sleep I got the first couple months!