Monday, August 27, 2012

31 Weeks

31 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  Whew! Time is going so quickly now it is hard to believe that in 2 months, I'll get to meet my Dragon Baby!

This past weekend Hubby and I were in a wedding for close friends of ours.  Leading up to the wedding I was worried about how I would hold up.  Given it was an outdoor ceremony and an non-air-conditioned hall, I was worried how I would react to the extreme heat and long day.  I did okay.  I think I was running on adrenaline all day though.   I was up for almost 21 hours in total - and survived! Actually, given I was the only member of the wedding party sober and last to leave, I was responsible for ensuring the hall was cleaned out.  It was a crazy party -but we are happy for them.

I'm very tired now.  Yesterday and today we've been nursing a sick puppy.  She started throwing up at 7:30 yesterday morning (only giving me about 4 hours sleep) and has since thrown up every time she manages to get human food.  She is running around and seems to be her normal self so we aren't too concerned.  We think it has something to do with a massive cob of corn she ate (and threw up).  It probably irritated her stomach and now she needs to just relax and get better.  It is difficult as she is a hoover and eats anything that she can find as soon as it lands on the floor (sometimes even before hand).  The cob of corn actually came from our garden - the raccoons got to the corn before we did and left a mess.  We think she ate the remains.  Dealing with a sick puppy has certainly given us a taste for parent-hood that's for sure!  Last night she started throwing up again at 3:00 and before she had heaved 2 times, Hubby and I were up like lightening tending to her and cleaning up the mess.  We do make a good team in that department.  Never once have I had to beg him to help me clean up the dog mess.  Hopefully he'll be just as good with the baby!

Today I received a box of Similac formula in the mail.  I have no idea how I got onto their mailing list or who joined me up for the Similac Club - but I am there. It came with 6 newborn formula jars, a large can of powdered formula and a can of liquid lactose free formula as well 2 gift cards for 10 dollars off.  I'm all for free stuff usually, however I think it is a bit presumptuous to be receiving free formula in the mail when I didn't ask for it.  This is how some mothers, I'm sure, stop nursing.  Having a nice little stock-pile in the pantry gives them temptation when breast feeding becomes challenging.  I know many people will have formula on hand for 'just-in-case', but I never planned on having any.  I want nursing to be my main priority and I don't want to have a back-up plan in the house.  If things don't go the way I want them too - I would go and get formula as a healthy baby is the most important thing - however, shouldn't it be a choice?  Formula companies prey on women's difficulties and giving out free product in a large quantity ensures that the family would likely choose that product when they need to buy more.  I would rather do my research and determine what is the best product and purchase it, rather than have this other stuff waiting around.  Does this make sense?  I'm by no means judging those who formula feed or choose to do so, I just don't like being a target market for formula when I am not planning on using any.  Don't prey on me when I could be weak.  Let me make the choice with the knowledge I've been given.


Overheating: OMG - I'm definitely at the hot flash stage of pregnancy. I sweat all the time! It is pretty gross.  That's the one thing about the wedding that I wasn't happy about.  I had sweat stains on my dress pretty much all the time.  It is brutal!  I feel like a pig.

Constipation - still tends to be a battle.  I'm drinking regular tea in the mornings and that seems to be helping most days.

Insomnia - still an  issue.  The night before the wedding I was worried about how I would sleep.  A friend suggested I take diclectin (usually used for nausea in first trimester) before going to bed as it knocked her out during her pregnancy.  I forgot how much that stuff knocks you out! I took 1 pill, and I'm not sure if it was the diclectin or just good luck...but I slept!  I'm going to ask my Dr about taking it if needed when I go back to work.  It may just be the help I need!

Sciatic Pain - still around especially when I walk.  Not sure how it will hold up when I go back to work...but we'll see!

Overall that's pretty much it.  Baby moves around regularly but definitely has quieter days than others.  I go next week for my next ultrasound!  Crazy!!


  1. I had a very rough run of nursing between 6-8 weeks before we got Alexander's reflux under control. I would cry daily. One time I was literally wiping tears out of my eyes when I went to get the mail, and there was an Enfamil sample on my doorstep.

    We have tons of free formula samples in our kitchen, but I haven't cracked them open yet, and we're at 15 weeks! : )

    1. Good for you! That takes some serious dedication and will-power! I'm hoping I would be as strong! My friend uses this brand, I think I'll give it to her just to avoid temptation! LOL!

  2. Hooray for 31 weeks 1 day!! So exciting! Good luck on your ultrasound next week!

    Sorry about your sick pup. I hope she feels better soon. I hate seeing sick animals. Whenever my dog acts the slightest bit off I take him to the vet and spend $60 to have the Dr. tell me he pulled a muscle and needs to rest. It is great practice for babies though! :)

  3. Yay 31 weeks!!!

    I got Similac in the mail around the time of the due date for the baby we lost, so I wasn't too happy about it. The only place I could think of it came from was The Bump . Com. It's the only place I had filled out an address. Since I was pregnant again I hid it and saved it because it was like, $30 worth of formula. I figured out of sight out of mind, especially since I'm now thinking about how long I want to nurse for. But I agree, it's presumptuous. Luckily I haven't given into it yet; but I'm stubborn :)

    I hope your puppy feels better soon!

  4. Glad you survived the wedding. Poor puppy, I hope she is feeling better. I too want to only breast feed and/or pump and bottle feed. Whatever works the best with twins. I will probably not have any formula in the house unless I need it too.