Saturday, September 15, 2012

34 weeks - I jinxed myself...

I am going to apologize in advance as I feel this post will be mostly about me bitching about how awful I feel.  However, I will start off by saying that I saw my OB on Wednesday of last week and Dragon is still looking good.  All measurements are on track and fluid levels and cervix is good.  Yea!! She is quite confident that the baby will be around 7.5 pounds when born....lets hope she's right.

I feel as I have reached this week that I am fully done with being pregnant.  I never thought I would curse pregnancy given all I went through to be here.  However, I am.  My back is killing me.  If it isn't sciatic pain, it is lower back pain.  I can't sleep well at night and I often wake up to a sharp pain in my ass (sciatic) for really no reason at all.  It is brutal.

I'm also exhausted.  Totally and utterly exhausted.  I knew my class was active - but I never realized HOW active we were.  I want to set a precedent with my new students, so I participate in all walks.  However, we walk - A TON!!  This past week almost did me in.  My feet are so sore. I'm sure the walking has added to the back pain too.  I've decided to take Monday off to re-coup ... which gives me a 4 day week next week which is good.  I figure I'll use my sick days to last until October 12 (which is my last day of work for an entire year!!) Wahoo!!

We are also very stressed right now about our roof.  Last weekend in the rain storm we realized our roof was leaking (we thought we had at least 1 more year before it needed to be replaced).  My dad just had his roof redone and had a steal roof put on.  Given his connections, he was able to get us a quote for about 3000 off a steel roof.  Incredible deal ... however it will still cost of $10,000.  An asphalt roof will be around $4000.00.  Nether is ideal.  Steel we'll never have to replace...asphalt we'll likely have to replace in 10 years as we have a low slope roof.  Given I will be off for a year and only making E.I wages, I am scared of putting ourselves over the edge (we don't have 10 grand in the bank...).  So we are trying to weigh all of our options.  But...this is stress we certainly didn't need!!

I had my shower last Sunday.  It was crazy!! It was one big shower with all family/friends from both my side and hubby's side (my mother didn't show up...surprise surprise!).  It was so incredible to be surrounded by love from so many people who love this baby already.  Pretty overwhelming.  I'm actually surprised at how much stuff we STILL NEED!  We got a little of everything...but not enough of one thing to cross it off our list....if you know what I mean.  Most people didn't go off our registry which kinda annoyed me as I spent a lot of time choosing items.  However, at the end of the day...we have a ton of we just need to find a home for it all!  Luckily  I am borrowing a lot of the bigger items so I'll just get those when I need them!

We met with our Doula on Thursday.  I'm very excited to work with her.  She told us that she doesn't have any clients now until my birth!  It made it feel so real!  Things could happen soon!! 

I'm very much ready for pregnancy to be over.  I know I still have a long haul left.  If baby came out now...he/she would be okay.   Small ... but okay.  I'm okay with a premie right now! LOL.  Hubby wants it to incubate a little more (and so do I...) but I'm ready to feel comfortable again.  Maybe if Dragon would just drop I'd get a bit of relief.  He/She is up so high..kicking me in the kidney's often...sitting in my diaphram so I can't breathe...I just would like some relief.  I'm also starting to swell.  I can't wear my wedding band at all - and most days my engagement ring doesn't fit either.  I'm surprised I lasted this long...but because I did last this long...I felt I would last the entire pregnancy without having to remove my rings.  For some reason...having to remove my rings has made me very, very sad and grumpy!  I hope my fingers resume their normal size soon after the pregnancy is over!

Once again...sorry for the bitching post.  I guess I just jinxed myself when things were going so well that things would continue so.  Maybe after a couple days rest I'll feel more human again?? Or maybe when Hubby and I go for cheese cake tonight I'll feel better ;)


  1. It's totally normal to feel DONE with pregnancy by this point. Pregnancy is tough, after all! You will get some relief soon, I promise : )

  2. Sorry that things are getting so uncomfortable. Don't feel bad about doing a little complaining, either. I think everyone deserves complain a little because pregnancy isn't easy! ;-)

    I am so excited for you that you are getting so close to your due date! Hopefully the next few weeks will fly by and your little bundle of joy will be here before you know it!

  3. I am so with you on this. I never thought these thoughts would ever enter my head, and yet, here they are!

    All that walking is probably really great for you, even if it makes you hurt. I really need to get back to doing cardio. I've just been so busy and sore. Ugh. Dragon babies are coming so soon, though!