Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Puppy Love and 35 (almost 36 week) update

We had our maternity photoshoot on Sunday.  When I signed on with our Doula, we were given a coupon for a local photographer who would do a free mat shoot when you booked a new born shoot.  Since I really wanted newborn pictures we went with it.  I'm happy to have pictures of my belly and such, but I really wanted fun pictures with our gorgeous puppy!  Hubby and I did pictures together and then we brought Paige into the mix.  Our older, more cantankerous dog stayed home as he wouldn't be very co-operative.  We have only been shown 2 sneak peaks - one of me and one of Paige.  I'm so in love....

I think we are more impressed with the quality of the photo than anything else.  We are so excited to see the rest!  Definitely going to blow this one up and have it framed!!  I think my maternal love is on over-drive right now because I was so proud of her getting her picture taken! LOL

I guess I should show the pic of me too...pretty good but I don't think I look nearly as cute ;)


So I'm doing pretty good for a few days shy of 9 months pregnant.  My biggest complaint (aside from sleep issues) is my patience is running very thin.  Given my job requires a TON of patience, it has been rather difficult some days.  However, I'm taking days off as needed and just trying to enjoy my last few weeks of work.  As of today, they have hired my replacement so the next couple of weeks will be busy getting things prepared for the transition over.  I'm a control freak - so it is going to be hard to hand the reigns of my class over to someone else.  However, once baby comes, I know it wont bother me any! 

I see my Dr tomorrow and I'll have my first internal exam.  Is it strange that I'm kinda excited for it?  Maybe it will show that baby is starting to get into place and make an early appearance?  So many first time moms say they aren't ready for baby until the due date or I'm ready now!  Baby is big enough and I'm ready to just have this little one to love and cherish.  I would be super excited to know things are starting to progress.  However, I'm sure I'm still too early for all of that. 

One year ago this week we found out we were pregnant again for a second time - only to find out 8 weeks later that the pregnancy wasn't viable.  It is crazy to think that I will be off at the same time this year as last - but for completely different reasons.  One year and all the world of difference.  Miracles CAN and DO happen!


  1. What a great maternity shot! You look beautiful, and so happy! The photographer did a really good job, and your dog is precious too. Looks so silky. :) We considered Paige for our child lol.

    I think I'll be ready for the baby to come early too! I'm with ya!

  2. I love this photo of you! And Paige is such a cute.

  3. You look amazing (your dog is very cute, too)! I can't believe that you are almost 9 months. How exciting!

  4. You look so happy! And your doggy very, very cute :-)
    It's amazing, almost 9 months! Time really does fly!

  5. Paige is so cute! And so are you! 36 weeks already, isn't it crazy? Yikes!

  6. You look so lovely! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you too. Enjoy the beauty around you.