Saturday, September 8, 2012

33 weeks (almost) and back to work!

So I think I have jinxed myself.  Over the course of the pregnancy I was amazed at how many symptoms I have had - but was super grateful for the ones that I have been able to avoid.  However, the last few weeks it seems as though I can check a few more boxes off the symptom list.

Heartburn - still not overly sever..however it does have a tendency to rear its ugly head once and awhile.

Swelling - my fingers are turning sausage like.  My rings are still on...but I'm worried it wont be for long.

Clumsiness - I took a rather nasty fall on my second day back at work where I skinned my knee (rolled my ankle on uneven terrain and landed on hands and knees).  Luckily the only thing truly injured was my ego.  However, since then I almost fell off a stool at work (the E.A's have since taken away my right to a stool and told me I may ONLY sit in chairs) and rolled my ankle again today and almost fell walking with my grandmother.  Luckily nothing happened or else she would have probably called 911! LOL

I'm still tired and suffering from poor nights sleep...but overall I can't really complain!

First week back was pretty good.  My students are great (I had 7 returning from last year) and the new staff in my room are working out wonderfully!  Tomorrow I have my baby shower.  I wish I was more excited...I guess it feels really surreal?  Also, today we woke up to a leaky roof.  I think given we have only had like 3 days of rain, we didn't realize how bad our roof was.  Now I'm pretty anxious as I've put in my leave at work for October 12 and I'm worried it is too early.  I wish I decided to work right till the end so that I could get more money.  I'm really, really worried about how it will all work out financially - especially now if a new roof may be in store.  Did anyone else worry about money while they were off?  My husband works for the city - however he is seasonal and is only on-call from Dec-April.  Therefore it is a huge chance that both of us will be on unemployment insurance for the winter.  Since I make more money then him, this is going to hurt us...a lot. I know I need to focus on baby and me and not worry about money...but how can I do that?  If anyone knows ways to alleviate the financial worry, I'm open to them :)

I went for my 32 week ultrasound last week.  I hope everything is okay (wont know till Wed when I see my OB).  She had to measure my fluid 2x and made a statement stating that the second time she measured, she got the same results as the first time.  I'm hoping that doesn't mean anything....I guess I'll know on Wed!!

Here is the newest picture.  It is of baby's is hard to make out so don't feel bad if you can't see it.  It was very 3-D like...we could see the eyelashes, hair and eyelids! Crazy!

Hopefully Wed will bring good news that baby is measuring on target and that everything is good!  I still want to keep working a few more weeks!! 

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