Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This horrible winter and sickness

I'm DONE with this winter. I'm DONE with sickness.  My family and I have been SO SICK this winter that I'm starting to have panic attacks waiting for the next person (usually H) to get sick. 

Here is the run-down:

Oct- H started daycare and developed a cold.  I soon got same cold.  Took her to Dr's and it was just a horrible cough.  Spent many nights my first week back at work holding her upright so we could breathe and sleep.

Oct - I developed a sever blocked duct and started to get a fever.  Needed a day off to rest and seek therapeutic ultrasound to help dissolve block.  ALSO battling a horrible cold.

 End of Nov/Early Dec - I start suffering from SEVER insomnia.  Take a day off work to sleep as I haven't slept in days.  That night, H and I BOTH come down with stomach bug.  Both of us puking (and me the 'other thing') all night long.  Worst night ever.  3 days later, H has to go to emerg for dehydration. Next day we are back at Dr and she is diagnosed with double ear infection.  Brutal.

End of Jan/ First week of Feb -  H starts coming down with cold.  Take her to Dr's and she is diagnosed with Croup.  Figure we would just wait it out.  4 days later, she still has on-going fever so we take her back...fluid in the lungs and another double ear infection.  Another round of antibiotics.  1 week after, I come down with serious sinus cold. 

Beginning of March - another cold with horrible cough. Luckily it doesn't progress into anything

Mid March - H wakes up puking.  I wake up and faint 3 times, while hubby is dealing with screaming, pukey baby...I'm passing out and going unconcious.  I figure it was a combination of low-blood pressure, waking up too quickly, the 3 drinks I had (first time in 2 years) 4 hours prior and not allowing myself to fully recover the first time I pass out so I go on to pass out 2 more times.  3 days after, I come down with stomach bug and *void* from both ends all night and the next morning.  This is where we stand now.  Hubby stayed home today too cause he was feeling quite nauseous but hasn't actually gotten sick.  I am STILL feeling like crap 2 days later.  I am terrified H is going to get sick much so that I wonder if some of my feeling ill in my tummy is due to me worrying about her getting sick.

We have THE BEST sitter, and we can send her when she isn't her best...but I have taken quite a few days off work cause I have had to stay home with her.  Luckily, (or unluckily) I was also sick so I wasn't lieing (we aren't allowed to stay home with our children who are sick). 

I can't take much more.  I have 15 more weeks left of work till summer vacation.  I feel like I am so burned out from balancing being a mommy and a teacher.  I am failing at both.  I don't know how anyone else does it.  We eat fairly good.  We try to use alternative supplements to help boost immune systems. I'm still why is she getting so sick?  I'm not the only one who has had a winter like mine.  Many of my facebook feeds are of friends battling yet another illness or two in their families.  It doesn't help that I work with special needs students so I'm bringing home a lot of 'junk' and DH works in waste water so he is literally bringing home shit some days...  It just sucks.  Who gets the stomach bug 2 x in one season??? Today I bleached all surfaces of my home in hopes to get rid of any germs.  We've also had the windows open for brief periods of time a couple days this past hopefully when the weather is nicer we can open the windows more and get fresh air in the home and help us get healthy!

Has anyone else had a rough winter?   What have you done to stay healthy? 

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  1. Yes, terrible winter for illness. I had two colds back to back, my husband had pneumonia that lingered on for six weeks accompanied by a mysterious rash. Glad to finally see some signs of spring.