Monday, February 11, 2013


My baby girl is 14 weeks today and entering another 'wonder week saga'. This one apparently can last up to 5 weeks.  Although the crankiness has started, there are many things that make her happy and I can say she loves...

- her excersaucer - just got one on Friday and put her in for the first time.  She loves it! Talking to all her ' friends' and standing by herself.

- 'Hungry Hungry Caterpillar'  a co-worker gave us the Hungry caterillar as a gift.  It is the exact replica of the story. She loves chewing on the years and staring into its big eyes

- bouncing up and down on mommy's knee

- baby massage - my sister-in-law did a crash course in infant massage (she's a RMT) H LOVES being massaged - especially her face...but could care less about her back (still doesn't like being on her tummy much)

- Jolly Jumper - only been it it once, but I can tell it will be a sure hit once she knows how to bounce.

- moby/ergo carrier - yup still napping in these...she loves them that's for sure!

She is growing so fast! She's still on the small side but to us she is huge! 

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