Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sleep Training . . . on hold . . .

So I have this almost finished post unpublished where it talks about the 'success' we were having with sleep training this past weekend.  Our plan (created by a sleep consultant) was to put H to sleep (by nursing, rocking whatever) and then lay her down in her crib.  If she wakes up, put her to sleep again..repeate.  She feels that H is too young to cry alone, so we were starting off slowly.  The problem was, our daughter wouldn't sleep longer than 5-20 min.  I would constantnly be going in and putting her back to sleep.  This unknown schedule was giving me so much anxiety.  It affected her night sleeping as well and in the last 3 days of trying she has only had 1 good night.  I can't function like this.  I have been ill.  I'm not sure why.  So this morning when she woke up at 5:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep..I was beside myself.  I knew bringing her into bed was making things bad...but that's what I had to do.  Our sleep consultant said by not having night routine the same as day we were not setting her up for success.  We weren't ready to mess with night time as she was sleeping so well at night. 

So - today while crying to my grandmother and texting hubby ferociously, I am putting training on hold for awhile.  I need my baby to sleep.  She needs to sleep. Our little one has no self-soothing skills and I wasn't confident that this plan would even really do anything except make her really overtired and get her some-what used to sleeping in her crib during the day.

The real issue is WHY this whole thing, the unexpectedness and unpredictability of it all bothered me so much.  She wasn't crying - everytime she woke I put her back down.  So I can't blame hearing her cry the reason why I was so bothered.  But honestly for the last 3 days I feel sick to my stomach.  Literally.  It is nuts!  We had a groove and I guess I really needed that groove for things to feel okay.  I know it wasn't sustainable as my back is starting to kill and hubby and I don't get time with each other - but it was something I could count on.  Now, the unknown of it all is throwing me into a dizzy.  As I sit here with her in the ergo, I wonder if I made the right choice ...but thining of fighting with her all day for naps is just too much to handle.

I hope in time, she matures and learns to sleep better- but from what I read, I think we are going to have to help the situation some.  I don't think this weekend was a waste as it made me realize the work involved and will prepare me for when we are actually willing to sleep train.   We'll just have to wait and see. . .


  1. I think anything that makes you feel sick or anxious isn't right for you or baby. As hard as it is, I try to trust myself and my instincts. I think it's great to talk to experts and research, but ultimatley, if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Amy. If its causing so much stress and disrupting to her night routine, it doesn't seem worth it. I don't understand why she needs day and night to be the same? H sleeps in her crib at night? That is wonderful!

    I am sure I am setting up many bad habits with E, but I am just trying to do what feels comfortable for our family. We all need sleep. I'm hopeful I can train her slowly over time to do what she needs to do as she grows, but right now... Omg, we just need her to sleep at night like she is! I don't care where!

    God I wish my babe would tolerate the ergo/carriers!