Tuesday, May 15, 2012

16 weeks and lovin my OB

16 weeks today and I went in to see my OB for my first prenatal appointment with her.  I love her.  I had her during my 1st miscarriage and I fell in love then.  Now, I'm head over heals!  She is so cute, quirky and just down-right motherly.  She totally acted on my anti-thyroid test and is sending me to an endocrinologist.  She think I may have / have had borderline hypothyroidism and believes that may have caused my miscarriages.  It is possible to have functioning thyroid but be suffering from hypothyroidism - and only the anti-thyroid test can indicate this.  Unfortunately they only run this test after repeat loss.  So she's sending me to the experts who will monitor me throughout the pregnancy just to be sure.  I didn't have to fight, advocate or anything.  She jumped right on it.  HUGE relief for a girl who is terrified of anyone in authority!

I heard the babies heart-beat.  She didn't have a measuring device on her doppllar but we heard it right away and it was easy to find.  I've gained 5 pounds since my 11 week physical.  But since I'm no longer sick - and eating a ton, I figure that's to be expected!

We'll go in a few weeks for our 18-20 week ultrasound.  No we wont be finding out the gender.  I have no desire. I will just wait and see what our little dragon comes out.  However, gut feeling is team blue.  Hubby and I and most of the family refer to it as a he - maybe because of the nickname dragon?  Much more masculine than feminine.  However, old age wives-tales would suggest baby is team pink. Higher heart rates, strong fetus (apparently females are stronger embryos and since we didn't miscarry one would think that it is stronger?!?!)  Anyways we'll love it the all the same.

Usually at this stage the OB would see me every 4 weeks - but since there is some unanswered questions regarding the thyroid - I'll see her again in 2 weeks and then another 2 after that.  She isn't concerned, but just wants to ensure things are going okay.  I don't mind - any time I go and hear Dragon the better!  Hopefully by then He/She is kicking up a storm!!

Starting to feel a bit more excited about this whole process.  My bump is getting bigger!  I think I may have felt the little one move here and there...but nothing that screams kick yet.  Everything seems good as if it just may happen AND I'm totally feeling like all my needs are being met!

Tonight I start aqua fit to introduce some more structured activity back into my life.  Should be interesting :) 


  1. Yay for good OB's! Glad to find another mama who's not finding out the sex! It seems EVERYONE finds out and I feel all alone in my ignorance ;-) I had no desire either but honestly once you get to that appointment where you CAN find out suddenly I was desperate to know! Since then I've done nothing but speculate constantly, haha!

    Good luck with aqua fit!

  2. Why, oh why, is it that they are finally putting all of this together? Seriously, if you have hypothyriodism, THAT"S TREATABLE! And could have prevented so much heartache. Oh lady, I'm really glad that this OB is taking good care of you, but frustrated that now they are catching this.

    Yay for feeling better and everything going well. And very excited about the upcoming ultrasound!

  3. That's great! Yay OB!

    I was able to get that anti-thyroid test done wayyy early because I had recurring hives and my allergist though maybe my thyroid was to blame. He found the very teeny slight problem with the thyroid, so when I brought it to my RE they put me on medication right away to balance it out. As soon as I got pregnant they tested me again and sure enough my thyroid was going crazy. They wouldn't have thought to test it after I got pregnant if they didn't know about the tiny off-balance-ness of it before! I heavily credit the thyroid meds (and the progesterone supplements) for helping me maintain this pregnancy!!

  4. Great news that they figured things out and you are going to be monitored! Such a relief! Glad everything is going well.