Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Are you F**king kidding me???

I was browsing through  my brother's facebook page and came across this link.

Would Your Daughter use Abortion just to get Pregnancy Boobs? (Online Poll)

Obviously this isn't from a reliable source AND is a joke - HOWEVER - given that someone has written about it, it obviously was worth some merritt!

Can you believe it?  What the hell is our society coming to when people would even joke about abortions for bigger boobs.  No wonder the U.S and even Canada STILL in 2012 has the ongoing debate about women's rights and abortion.  I am pro-choice - but if there are bimbos out there who would actually, for even a split second, contemplate pregnancy/abortion for the benefits to their chest, it sets the woman race back to cave-man days.  No ... actually in cave-man days I'm sure woman were more intelligent.  The comments in the comment section blew me away more.

I can honestly say that my miscarriages deflated my boobs - not bring them to a voluminousness state.

It sickens me that topics like this could be worth joking about.  Is nothing sacred in this day in age?


  1. Wow this article is totally sickening. Why would anyone ever joke about something like this? Ignorance, I guess? What is wrong with people? Ugh.

  2. That's absolutely horrible. Ditto to what is wrong with people??

  3. Wow...just wow. Yeah, my pregnancy boobs went right back down to their original size in the 8 weeks between miscarriage and new pregnancy...this is just ridiculous.

  4. horrifying indeed! :(