Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby pool and registry!

So last night I went out and started my registry! So much fun!! I loved picking out items for our little one. I am only having one shower for everyone so I put a lot of items on it. Hopefully people will buy from the registry and not on their own! I also created an online baby pool for people to guess what we are having and when he/she will arrive. If you want in on the fun go to Baby Pool   and fill it out! I think, since hubby thinks it is a boy and I am leaning towards girl, he and I should have this big bet or something....just to make things interesting! However, the wager should be good but I have no idea what we should bet- something baby related...any ideas? Things are still going well. Went for an appointment on Tuesday and everything is right on track. Movements are starting to increase - which I like! Hopefully soon a baby will move around all the time! I am getting so excited to meet this little one and be a mommy!!