Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I hate Anterior Placentas and 24 week update

So my placenta is anterior.  This makes it so I don't feel my baby move all the time.  Right now, at 24 weeks, Dragon is just starting to get strong enough to kick/punch move where I can feel him/her.  Mostly these movements are felt down real my cervix, sometimes on my side, or sometimes not at all.  The placenta acts as a big cushion to soften the blows.  I couldn't WAIT to feel movement and although I do...I feel like I'm being cheated out of this whole experience because I can't feel movement all the time.  I hear other women complain about being kept up all night by baby movements, and I'm saddened because some-days I hardly feel anything (which at 24 weeks is apparently normal).

Also, because a lot of movement is felt down low, it scares me.  I sometimes think I'm having mini-contractions or something weird is happening.  After I spoke with my Dr she assured me that it is normal - baby is just head-butting my cervix.   GREAT!  Also, today my lower uterus feels so full - like a ton of pressure is being put on the lower part of my belly.  It has been uncomfortable.  Since I can't feel movement all the time yet, it makes for more worry than anything else. 

Monday I went for my 24 week ultrasound and it was amazing.  It's so incredible to see how big Dragon has grown in such a short period of time.  It looks like a real, fully formed baby.  Now all he/she has to do is get nice and big!  Baby is head down (hence the head butting my cervix) and his/her spin goes up along my right side of the body - which is prolly why I feel more movement on my left as that's where his/her arms/legs are.  The tech said that baby will stay head down now for the duration of the pregnancy!! Crazy!!  We saw baby kick me and punch me throughout the ultrasound and it was so weird not feeling anything.  Hubby is convinced he saw a penis when the tech was showing us the legs...I wasn't looking. I was just amazed by the head/arms!  So he's pretty certain we are having a boy.  I told him he doesn't know what to look for and she only had the camera at that angle for a few seconds so he's likely confusing the umbilical cord as a penis.  Who knows though!

Last night we went out with my mother-in-law to Ikea to buy the crib.  She was so eager to buy it was borderline pushy!  Hubby and I were talking about bedding for the twin bed that was going to be in the room, and she would pick it up and put it in the cart before we had even decided on anything! He was getting annoyed and although I was enjoying shopping knowing I wouldn't have to pay...I was getting frustrated too.  It was nice to see how happy she was to buy for her first grand-child but it was very odd.  We hadn't talked about a lot of the decisions we were making and he was getting angry at me.  Overall, we ended up getting the bedding and crib and that's it.  She would have bought us the whole Ikea store if we had an excuse as to why we needed it for the baby though!  Her excitement is nice - but scares the hell out of me!  I don't want a hovering mother or mother-in-law around when baby is born...if we can't stop her from spending a ton of the hell are we going to get her to respect our boundaries? 

It is crazy to think I have less than 16 weeks left now until our due date!!  Time is really going by fast!

Dragon at 24 weeks! She/He is sucking his/her thumb!
And a bump shot at 23.5 weeks!


  1. Aw, your baby is beautiful!! Your bump is so cute, too. I bet you'll be feeling more and more--I hope so! I'm sorry about your MIL being so pushy. Grr.

  2. Glad your 24 week u/s went so well. Your baby is such a cutie and you look fabulous!

  3. Oh this makes me feel much better. I feel V move some but not as much as I know she's actually moving. We have yet to delve into crib territory but Ikea is probably where we'll get it. And I think my mom is buying. Woot!

    Bump is super cute! Since it's shaped a lot like mine, I'm going to go out on a limb and say your hubby doesn't know what an ultrasound penis looks like. I vote girl!

  4. I totally had an anterior placenta and it was soooo frustrating! I seriously only felt my little guys about 4 or 5 times!! Don't be afraid to go in and get checked, i know i did!! Good luck