Sunday, October 21, 2012

39 or 40 weeks pregnant

Well after writing my fears down, I felt a ton better. Thanks for those with kind words - it was nice to receive some validation for my feelings!

Today I am technically, according to my due date, 39 weeks pregnant.  However, according to all my measurements and ultrasounds, I'm 40 weeks.  My due date based on my LMP is Nov. 2.  My due date based on dating of my ultrasounds - even from early on - is Oct. 22.  Oct. 29 was a date my Dr and I chose out of thin air, really there was no reasoning for it. I'm hoping baby decides to come closer to Oct. 22 than Nov. 2!

Yesterday we went for a big hike.  Felt amazing to be outside in the crisp fall air, hiking amongst the leaves.  Hubby and I have been for a few really great hikes, I feel walking to get this baby out has really allowed for us  to spend some quality time with each other doing something we love to do!  Yesterday afternoon/evening, I was having some pretty serious contractions.  I thought for sure they were the real deal and not Braxton Hicks.  Unfortunately, right after I messaged the doula to let her know what's going on, things slowed down.  I had a big one again at midnight and then nothing for the rest of the night.  It was so anticlimactic!  Hubby and I were really excited that this could have been it!  Being so close to my 'potential' due date makes me think things could happen at any moment.  I really am excited to meet this little one! I want to hold him/her in my arms so badly!!

As for symptoms - things are pretty much status quo.  My hands/wrists are still my worse complaint by far.  Yesterday my joints in my fingers were so swollen I couldn't make a fist.  I definitely think it is related to dehydration, however, I drank almost 4 liters of water alone yesterday and things only improved marginally.  Hopefully my hands go back to normal once baby comes. 

I see my OB again on Thurs.  Hopefully I'll get some indication of when baby could come - however, I know I could be dilated for a few weeks before anything happens! LOL


  1. You are so close!! I want you to hike yourself into labor excited for you. Praying that baby will come a little on the earlier side. I cannot imagine how anticlimactic it must feel to have your contractions go away! ARGH. Thinking of you!

  2. I'm sure everything will go back to normal when your baby's safe and sound in your arms. Here's to hoping that he or she doesn't make you wait much longer. :)

  3. Wow!!! So exciting! I am so happy for you that you are getting so close to meeting your baby. I can't wait for the update where we get to meet your little one. Thinking about you and hoping to have an easy and fast labor/delivery!