Thursday, December 27, 2012

Almost 8 week update

Well the holidays are (almost) over.  We have one more family event on Saturday and a funeral today where we'll be showing  off  introducing our daughter to the last side of the family.  (Bad time for a funeral..but it's for Hubby's great aunt who lived to 96).  We've almost made out relatively unscathed except baby girl has had some bad gas last night and today.  Mommy hasn't been as diligent over the holidays to make sure she is eating the proper foods.  We're paying the price now!!

Overall things were okay.  She doesn't sleep well during the day anymore.  She pretty much slept the first 4 weeks of her life so now she is making up for lost time.  She is up all day long - unless I read her cues and put her in the moby wrap and bounce.  She LOVES to bounce.  However, this saves me from having her pacify on my boobs all day!  At Christmas she was a bit fussy and so I had to put her in the wrap - she didn't get to play "pass the baby" for very long...oh well.  I don't mind...but I do feel a bit bad for family who wanted to hold and meet her.  I'm sure they are all saying I'm a hovering mom who is spoiling her baby wearing her all the time....

On that note - tricks for putting your baby to sleep during the day?!?  She wont lie on her own at all.  She will wake up during the night around 3-4, nurse then go back to sleep and wake up 3 hours later....nurse and go back to sleep for 2-3 hours (usually).  So nights are good.  However days, she will fall asleep on the boob or in the wrap but as SOON as I try to put her down..she is awake and not interested in sleep. So I wear least she gets her nap and I can do work around the is just the relaxing part that is hard...right now to write this post I'm bouncing on my exercise ball and she is asleep.  What I wouldn't give to be able to relax on the couch! LOL!  Any tricks would be appreciated. 

Breast feeding has been going much better now that I'm not stressed and willing to supplement during the day.  Overall she gets about 2-4 oz of either formula or pumped milk.  I still pump after my morning feeds but it is a bit harder during the day.  Now that the holidays are winding down, I can nurse her/let her pacify on my for longer if she wants....either way I think my milk is starting to become a bit more reliable.  My friend is a herbologist and she made me a nursing tea that I've been taking.  I'm not sure if it is because I'm more relaxed or if the tea is helping but I definitely feel less anxious when it comes to nursing her once again.  Now I know this can all change tomorrow.

Overall I think things are improving.  I'm getting regular smiles and giggles from her which make my heart sing.  I don't have any time for myself and I feel like my husband and I are roomates and nothing more...but I keep telling myself that those things will come with time right? 


  1. There are no tricks, just give it time, baby will eventually sleep on her own for naps. Try...every put her down for at least one or two naps, when she won't stay down pick her up and do whatever you normally do to get her to nap. I promise eventually she will nap out of your arms but it's somewhere around the 12 week mark so another month or so of baby holding is in your future! It's the fourth trimester of pregnancy that no one really tells you about, baby likes to be held A LOT until they are 3 months or so. Good luck!

  2. I say just keep trying. I have my babies take naps in their rockers but we are transitioning them to napping in the crib so I won't have to tiptoe so much. We use the same routine to put them down for bed as we do for naps so it generally helps with falling asleep. Staying asleep is another matter! Still working on that one!!!!

    1. Also,wow, snuck a bombshell into that last paragraph, huh?! Is there any way you and your husband can get some alone time? It is soooo important to make sure you are also taking care of your relationship in addition to taking care of your baby. I don't know so much about it and whether that stuff works itself out but my instinct is that it won't, and you both have to put in the effort for that, too. It's hard but so important. Good luck <3