Friday, December 21, 2012

Turning the corner...

I feel it is time for a positive post.  Thank you to those who were supportive of my last post.  It still baffles me that in a community designed for supporting each other, people feel it is okay to post negative comments.

I feel like I'm turning a corner (I've said that to friends before but maybe this time is for reals).  On Tuesday I woke up and said to myself that no mater HOW much I need to supplement, I am a good mother.  I take each feeding for what it is.  If I need to supplement, I do.  If I don't, then that's okay too.  Since then, I've really only supplemented an extra ounce or 2 during the day along with my 2 ounces at night.  I'm still mostly nursing and most of the supplements she is getting is pumped milk.  Overall, we are doing okay!  The scale is away and I don't get her weighed again until Jan. 7.  I am feeling like everything is working out right now...she is healthy!

I'm also starting to realize her cues from hungry and tired.  She still doesn't put herself to sleep, so if she doesn't fall asleep nursing, and we play for a bit and she starts yawning, I wrap her in the moby and bounce on our exercise ball.  I bounced a lot while pregnant and she really likes that movement.  It calms her right down and puts her to sleep.  I then can do chores or whatnot around the home and I'm not just feeling so confined.  I wish I could put her in her bassinet when she is sleeping, but whenever I do she wakes up.  However, I honestly don't mind carrying her around.  It make me feel good wearing my baby!  I wish it were warm outside cause I'd love to take her for walks, but I don't feel comfortable taking her for walks outside in the winter when I can't really wear a coat over her. 

Looking forward to the holidays now knowing I wont have to have her nursing the entire time.  I still haven't given her a bottle - we use the lactation aid when we supplement so she is still latched to my breast.  It may be wierd bringing all our contraptions with us, but this is how we are feeding our baby and if anyone says anything - then they will get an earful! LOL!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! 


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Yes, once I resigned myself to supplementing at possibly every feeding, suddenly I feel like I'm not really supplementing at all! I mean, I do, but it's really not as much as I feel like it was before. Who knows. It could be perception or it could be that we have relaxed a little and the milk has started to flow more freely. I'll take it, whatever it is :)

    I don't remember where you live but you can totally go for walks in the winter! Just not on a super windy day. I took the babies out in mobys the other day (with my sister in law) and put them in warm fleece bear suits and extra hats and they were fine. Their noses were cold, but that's it. We walked for an hour and a half and they slept almost the whole time. (It was in the low 40s/high 30s that day and sunny but not windy.)