Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inspirational Video

Since joining the IF community, there have been many videos posted by other bloggers that have touched home in some ways. However, this video I found from This Blondie Wants Babies is so perfect. Anyone struggling with IF can relate. In fact it is so good - I'm thinking of posting it on facebook. It isn't so much for us to share with one another to get hope, but more for us to share with others outside the IF community so they can 'get-it'.  Hubby and my struggles aren't a secret - but it is so hard to explain to others how we feel.   If I posted it on Facebook, I know some people would be supportive - while others would find it odd and uncomfortable. I should say that my facebook profile is mostly closer friends and family - I've deleted all the people that I had that I went to school with years ago etc.

What are your thoughts?  Would you post it on facebook?  I want to share this video with everyone but not sure how to do it.

Take a look:


  1. Good for you girl if you do. I deactivated my facebook about a year and a half ago because I couldn't take it anymore! :) But I'm debating on sending that video out to some friends a family... let us know what you do.

  2. What a beautiful video! I say: go ahead and post it!
    I would also love to post it - but I have some colleagues from work in my facebook profile. And though a select few of them know that we've been trying (unsuccessfully), I don't want the rest to know....

  3. Oh my, what an incredible video. This completely sums up my experience and how I feel about our struggle with infertility. I would love those around me to see such a powerful illustration of what we face. Our journey is not public knowledge and for me facebook is not a safe place to share about infertility. I have posted this to my blog, and would love for my closer friends to see this representation.