Thursday, March 29, 2012

We did it!

We told our families that we are pregnant.  Well Hubby took a picture of the dog in a shirt that says "big sister" and sent it to his family.  Everyone has emailed back commenting on how cute the dog looks in a pink shirt and no one has mentioned the message - to they are either being coy or they 'technically' don't know yet.

I - not wanting to actually call/see my family and tell them, sent them  a picture of the ultrasound and said 'Surprise!'.  So far the reaction has been positive.  My dad called and wished us well and my 19 year old bro came on the phone and said how awesome it all is.  I don't want to disappoint!

Since we didn't tell anyone in our families about the last 2 pregnancies until we miscarried this is a very, very big step.  It is like we are actually allowing ourselves to believe that this could be it. 

Kinda freaks me out.

Know what else freaks me out?  Since the ultrasound my nausea has abated - don't nearly feel as sick and my back has been really sore.  Dr. Go.ogle has said that back pain is cause for alarm but I think it is more muscle pain from sleeping so much in the last few days.  Only time will tell.  The lack of nausea - although disconcerting is kinda  a relief.  I think some of it has to do with the lack of anxiety leading up to the ultrasound and the fact that hubby is home and is doing more cooking/meal prep.  I was always horrible at fending for myself when he's away.  We'll see what happens.  Boobs have started to become sore again and my exhaustion is in full swing.  Kinda feel like 5.5 weeks pregnant and not 9.  Hopefully things aren't going backwards.

I still keep telling myself we aren't out of the woods.  Our first fetus died at 9.5 weeks.  However, I don't want to think about that.  I want to just be happy!

We got the OB we wanted - first appointment is May 15 - seems so soon!

Just trying to stay positive and stay peaceful.  See how long that lasts ;)


  1. Amanda, that's great about telling your fam! I'm so encouraged that you're doing well. Exhaustion is a great sign! Try to ignore Dr. Google about the back pain and call your doc if you get concerned again. Dr. Google is very alarmist!

  2. I think it feels great once families know. Just feels like there's some extra support to lean on when it's hard. Don't worry about the symptoms, continue to relax in the fact that your body knows what it's doing. Now that it's at this point, it can handle the job!