Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeling a little better

My OB is so wonderful.  She said baby is measuring right on track and she has absolutely no concerns.  She'll get the actual results in a week or so - so if there are any defects (cysts, tumors etc) we'll know then.  But right now I am just happy.  She is still seeing me every other week - I love it.  It is nice to go and get the reassurance everything is fine :)  I think I just have to except that this may actually be happening! Easier said then done though. 

I haven't gained any weight in the last 2 weeks and am only up 3 pounds since pregnancy - not bad for 20.4 weeks pregnant!  (I lost around 8 pounds in first trimester!) 

Here are some pictures of Dragon at 20 weeks!


  1. Yay for good, reassuring OBs!

    I can't tell what is in the first picture but the second one looks great, good profile shot :)

    1. LOL! The first is its foot! My caption didn't show up!

  2. Yes, Yay for good Drs and YAY for 20 weeks! Halfway there! I love the profile shot!