Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy Appointments!

I'll be 23 weeks on Sunday.  Getting so close to the big viability milestone!  I saw my Dr today and things are perfect :) 
Dragon is measuring (from fundal height) right on track.  HOWEVER, since I am on a higher dose of Synthroid, I have to now be monitored for fetal growth to make sure Dragon continues to measure on track.  Starting at 24 weeks, I have to go every 4 weeks for an ultrasound so that they can keep an eye on things.

Therefore - my medical schedule for the rest of my pregnancy is as follows:

OB - every 2 weeks until we get to every week
Ultrasound - Every 4 weeks
Blood work - Every 4 weeks (checking for thyroid levels)
Endocrinologist - Every 5 weeks (approx 1 week after the blood test)

That coupled with the fact that our prenatal classes begin a week Monday and will continue every Monday till mid August, I think the rest of this pregnancy will FLY by!!

We're heading into a long weekend - and as a teacher, this long weekend usually represents the start of summer vacation and ultimate relaxation.  However, given I am going to teach summer school (needs the money), I only have a week off before I go back into things again.  Since hubby and I are in a wedding at the end of August, and we have friends/family staying with us in Aug and Sept - I've looked at my calendar and the ONLY free weekend I don't have anything planned (or have to worry about marking/prep for summer school) is OCTOBER 13!!!! That's only 2 weeks before Dragon is suppose to arrive!!! I can't believe it!!

This baby is going to be here before we know it!  Hubby's countdown on his smartphone says 122 days!  I know we'll have time to relax and get ready.  I know my summer will have breaks - but with so much going is hard to feel like I will have time to relax before I meet my son/daughter.  I guess I'll be okay with that as I'm really getting excited :)

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  1. Wow, I thought my summer was busy, but yours definitely beats mine :-)
    Congratulations on almost-23-weeks!