Monday, June 4, 2012

Movement -or lack there of

Okay - crazy lady talking right now.  I was SURE I felt movements from the baby from weeks 15-17.  Usually in the afternoons I would feel gas bubbles or hunger rumbles or something.  But since my 18 week check-up where I heard the heart beat and baby move, I feel like I've felt nothing.  I've yet to feel a real discernible kick or punch and if I do have gas bubbles, they aren't as strong as they were earlier. 

I'm really starting to stress over this.  I KNOW it is still early and that I really should just relax.  I KNOW that since my 18 week apt the chances of something going wrong are slim to none.  However, things are just so scary!  Plus reading about so many of you having such concrete movements is really scaring me.  I go for my ultrasound next week - maybe it is just the terror of it all settling in? 

Hubby says that maybe what I thought were movements weren't.  Or that I'm just not noticing what were movements.  I told my OB that the moments were consistent, and she had no concerns I really should relax right?

Please tell me I'm just going crazy!!


  1. I also was 100% sure I was feeling movements but now I don't know. Now I am again 100% sure I'm feeling movements, but these feel somewhat different from the other ones (stronger, more identifiable). Maybe I was feeling movements before and now they have gotten stronger, or maybe it was gas before? NO IDEA. I had the same experience - went to a scan, saw movements but didn't feel them, and second-guessed everything I'd been feeling.

    Anyway a lot of people don't feel movements until 20-22 weeks, so no stress, no stress! And as long as the other stuff is going well then try not to worry about whether or not you are getting punched in the gut from the inside. :)

  2. I know how you feel, that was me a few weeks ago. Finally, at about 21 weeks I felt movement, and ever since then there is no denying they are moving around in there! And I have 3, so I thought for sure I'd feel them sooner, but nope. My doctor said it's totally normal not to feel them now, that's why your wasn't concerned at all. It's coming...very soon!!

  3. drink some orange juice and lie down. Tune out everything else....

  4. I like what anonymous said. I have heard some great things about orange juice or even ice cream.

  5. You're going crazy. ;) I think I've felt something a couple times but it could just be gas. If I don't feel something concrete by week 20 I'll worry, but until then I'm trying not to think about it too much.

  6. I'm a bit late commenting, but I'm with the others: don't worry.
    I also thought I was feeling movements weeks 16-18. Then everything was quiet for two weeks. I only started feeling something that might be movements again during the last couple of days.
    The second- and third-time moms on my message board said that the little guys tend to be very quiet during growth spurts - one of which seems to be during the 5th month.
    Do you know if you have an anterior placenta, or if it's posterior? When you have an anterior placenta (like I do), it's harder to feel movements.