Saturday, June 23, 2012

A positive post :)

In 20 weeks, or 140 days, I could be giving birth to our Dragon baby. 

This is all starting to become real. 

Am I still scared - yes.  To death.

However, the excitement and anxiety over finishing everything that needs to be done before Dragon is born is taking over.  This is a NORMAL feeling to have (according to my books). Since bullets seem to fit my mood today, you'll get bullets:

  •   Hubby and I are bickering about finishing the nursery.  We just bought the flooring last night (another item checked off the list). He just now needs to instal it.  Given our recent heat-wave, he hadn't made much progress.  Now that it has cooled off some, I'm hoping he can do more this week.  Fighting/arguing over babies room stuff is NORMAL.  I love it :)  Don't get me wrong, I don't love arguing with my hubby, but for once it seems like it is all normal.  I'm sure everyone goes through these conversations with their partner as he sits on his kester for a week without moving a finger in the house, while I can't do ANYTHING for the nursery as I'm pregnant.  It is okay!  (Since we have friends staying with us in August for maybe a week, a wedding in August we are both in that will take up many of our weekends, our shower planned for early Sept and his brother staying with us for over 2 weeks in September - we do have a fairly tight time-line to get things ready before the baby arrives.  I want everything done before our shower on Sept. 9)

  • Physically I'm feeling okay.  My sciatic has held up.  Even after a long 2 hour walk with the class yesterday, I'm not limping in pain :)  However, early this morning I did begin to experience the infamous leg cramps people have warned me about.  

  • At aqua-fit the other night, 2 middle-age Portuguese ladies were talking to my friend about her baby (She's Portuguese too...I live in a very Portuguese city).  They then went to me and pointed to my belly and asked me questions about how far along I was, if I knew the sex etc.  Then, in Portu-English, they were bickering to each other on whether or not I would have a boy or a girl.  It was awesome!  I must have had such a silly grin on my face!  A - for complete strangers to notice I am pregnant and B- for them to treat me as if there is nothing that could go wrong and fill me with the old-wives tales of Girl vs Boy debate.  I loved every awkward moment of it :)

  • Dragon is moving around more and more - however some days still tend to me busier than others.  It still scares me when I don't feel him/her move constantly.  I just need to learn how to relax.  

  • This week I have a wack of medical apts.  I will get reassurance that things are okay once again!  

Overall - life is good.  This baby is going to be here soonish!


  1. It IS nice to be worried about normal things!!!!

  2. Glad you are feeling happy! Being happy during pregnancy is so hard when you have already been through so much. I hope the happy streak continues!

  3. As a RPL mom myself, I will always be wishing hardest for other RPL mamas. Best wishes to you on your dragon baby and keep up the good work!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. Visiting from ICLW. I hope you get all of the items on your list checked off soon so that the nursery feels ready for your little one. Love your story of the women arguing over the sex of your baby.

  5. YAY for 20 weeks!!! I love the story of the Portuguese ladies and I love how it made you smile!

  6. Hello from ICLW! Congratulations on making it to 20 weeks! Wishing you a healthy/happy rest of your pregnancy!

  7. Happy halftime! :-) Love your aqua-fit story :-)

  8. I think it is okay to be vigilant - and who wouldn't be after all you've endured? It's when that alertness gets stressful or blocks you from doing what you need to do ... that's when we need to take a second look. I have 3 children after having 3 late-term losses ... I can honestly say that it really helps to have people on your team who can believe for you when you feel scared. Actually, just one such person is a God-send. Blessings to you!