Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I did it - I went and visited the co-workers baby.  She had a baby boy.  He is beautiful.  She is beautiful - a perfect mom.  This was the baby that was due on the same day as my first pregnancy.  I thought it would be tougher going to visit. She told us about her labour and how difficult it was.  She explained how hard nursing was at first but now she has the hang of it.  She said how fast time is going and she is in disbelief she hasn't left the house in 8 days and hearing about work actually made her sad that she isn't taking part in all of our 'excitement'.  It wasn't until afterwards I realized the magnitude of my situation and how I can only hope I will get to experience certain things.  Funny - some women lament about the pain of childbirth and difficulties of pregnancy.  Here is list of things I would give my right arm to be able to experience someday:
- morning sickness - I wish I would throw up 3 times a day and experience the worst nausea in the world
- weight gain - bring it on!
- cravings - Mmmmmm Dairy.Queen!
- sore boobs 
- big boobs - hubby would love this one too!
- labour - of any kind.  Back labour, intense labour, crazy 36 hour labour. BRING.IT.ON!
- Sore, cracked nipples from nursing - nothing that Dr. Neuman's wont fix right?
- Sleepless nights - as long as I get to hold MY BABY I wont care

I could go on...but I think you get the picture.  Talking to the new mom, she didn't quite understand how I will NEVER have sympathy as I would DIE to have that experience for myself.

I can only hope that one day, I will!


  1. It's so hard to be supportive of someone when they have something that you want so badly. It's hard to say anything, though, as it's almost like a cultural right for a new mother to complain about her loss of freedom. I tend to tune them out, changing the subject regularly back to the baby. By focusing on my time with the baby, I find that the visit is a whole lot easier.

    Going to visit your friend took a lot of strength and selflessness. You're a true friend. And because of that act, you've demonstrated yet again why you'll be an awesome mother one day very soon.

  2. Good for you! Those times are tough, but you should be proud of yourself for being such a supportive friend. :) I hope we both get to experience all those things you listed, and I plan on complaining with the best of them! I will have earned my morning sickness. Those cracked nipples cost me a bundle! ;)

  3. You are a great friend! And I can never manage to muster up sympathy for any of my friends with pregnancy pains, childbirth pains, child-rearing pains, etc. Sorry, I don't care how many times your baby shits itself. I would trade anything for a shitting baby right now.

  4. Way to go with getting the courage to visit. All of the complaints from new moms now sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to me - "Wa wa, wa wa wa wa..."

  5. Haha, totally agree with Her Royal Fabulousness. I recently had a close friend give birth too. It feels good to have the strength to handle a visit like that. Glad for you!

  6. Be very proud or yourself that you are so very strong to go see the baby. Yea I can't take their complaints either. I don't mind complaints from fellow IFers though.

  7. That's great - I've was surprised at how well I was able to handle seeing/being around all of the babies that have been born in my world since we started this. I still haven't been able to be ok with pregnant women.