Sunday, January 8, 2012

Infertility is a fatal desease

Today I stumbled upon a La Creme post that spoke to me.  It captures the way I feel whole heartedly.  I wish I could copy it and hand it out to everyone I meet who look at my funny when I explain to them about IF.  Thanks to Becoming Parents for this amazing post.

Infertility is a Fatal Desease


  1. I hate that this resonates with anyone. No one should ever, EVER have to live their life like this. (And i use the term live loosely- its more exist really)
    Im sorry your path to mom has been so shitty, and that you too have the outward appearance of youth and health so that even more people in your life tell you crap to try to make you feel better that merely makes you want to scream because they JUST DONT GET IT. Sad fact is, they never will, only isolating us further from everyone.
    Ugh. Just simply ugh.
    I hope the universe has something spectacular in store for you this year. In know you need it!
    Xo Brooke

  2. It is a dream killer for sure.

    I always try to tell people that it's been scientifically proven that infertile women feel comparable stress and depression to those women suffering from a terminal illness. I definitely feel that panicked, depressed or stricken sometimes. I would imagine people think that's ridiculous, because "you still have your health". It's blogs posts like that one that show just how much suffering is involved in what we deal with day to day.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

    1. I understand this so much. It is a relief to give myself permission for some of the terribly difficult emotions I face. Thank you for sharing.