Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microplasma and Ureaplasmas and Infertility and miscarriage

I received a call from my fertility clinic stating that I tested positive for microplasma in one of my cultures taken during my biopsy.  They said studies are out there suggesting that microplasmas can be linked to infertility and causing miscarriage.  I have consulted dr google and it is definitely mixed messages on the web. Apparently upwards of 70% of people test positive for microplasma and ureplasma and it is found in fertile people as well as infertile.  Hubby and I have been ordered to both take antibiotics as we can transfer it to each other.  Has anyone had any information on this in terms infertility?  Has anyone been tested and come out positive?  We see the Dr  on Thurs. and plan on asking more questions as I didn't really think of anything to ask when the nurse called me with the results on the phone. 


  1. A friend tested positive for ureaplasma after 2 miscarriages. She needed 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear it, but then immediately conceived her son! I hope this is the answer for you!

  2. I have no clue. But, I would follow doctors orders. Who knows, antibiotics may do the trick! (and that would be awesome!!)