Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling hopeful?

Went to the doctor's today to get the results of our last testing and thinking we would get a plan of action.  My FSH lowered from 25 last month to 11.8 - much better, but I still have hormones like a 45 year old according to the dr :(  However, she said 11.8 is workable.  I go back AGAIN next day 3 for blood and ultrasound.  If nothing, she certainly is thorough!

Hubby still has morphology issues - so he has to go for more tests. She said she would recommend he curb his drinking.  It kinda bugs me, I have given up Gluten - anything with wheat - just to help with issues, but he wont give up drinking?  Why the double stander?   It seems, from reading other blogs this is a common issue.  They just don't get it do they?

Dr put me on DHEA - she really didn't say much about it.  From reading, it is a hormone supplement that increases testosterone and estorgyn and it appears to have good effects on pregnancy.  Anyone else on this?  Thoughts? 

Overall, I left feeling somewhat hopeful. I can only hope that my FSH lowers more or stays the same next month.  I want the 25 to be the abnormality and not the 11.8!


  1. Wow Amanda, what did you do to get from 25 FSH to 11? I need to know your secret. Yay you! :)

    Hopefully, the hubby gets on board. Everyday I say...did you take your vitamins? And he says "not yet". So then later, I need to remember to say...did you take your vitamins yet? And he says "oh, yeah, I"ll do that now". I mean, I have SOOOOO much to remember and to do to help myself and he can't remember to take vitamins? They give me a headache and vomitous everyday too, but please!! Good luck with that.

    Oh, the DHEA. I had a little bit of a problem with that, which I will blog about very soon. Since she perscribed it to you, it should be totally fine, but be very careful about where you get it.

  2. This is good news!! I too am hoping the FSH level at 25 was the abnormal one.

    Men and their beer. That's a hard one for them. It's like us giving up sugar. Always easier said than done. One thing that helped with Grey and I was he made the commitment to curb the drinking 3 months before IVF. Because he made the decision and set the limits, I found I didn't have to nag. Maybe a conversion with hubby of the weekend about what he's comfortable doing is the place to start?

    Fingers are crossed for the next round of tests!

  3. YAY! So glad your FSH is better! I hope your Hubby gets on board soon. Maybe sit down with him and tell him your feelings and maybe he will compromise.

  4. What a great improvement on your FSH! I second Cristy's suggestion of letting your husband come up with his own goal for cutting back the drinking so that you don't have to feel like you're nagging.