Thursday, November 10, 2011

Darkness falls too early

I'm not sure I have always been affected by the changing seasons. I used to hear people talk about SADDS and I thought they were crazy! Then I moved to Vancouver. The 2 winters (well the second winter we left in technically we weren't there a full 2 winters) were the worst winters of my life! It got dark so early and since it was always rainy and gloomy, I felt horrible! I would come home and just want to sleep.
With the time change last weekend, even though I no longer live in Vancouver, I feel yucky.  It is dark so early and it doesn't motivate me to do anything. By 6 I'm usually in my P.J's and by 8:30 I feel the need to go to bed.  This is just compounding my situational depression caused by the miscarriage.  In June when we miscarried, I remember hubby and I waking up at 6:30 am and having our coffee outside on the stoop, feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces.  I was hopeful things would be okay.  Now, there is no sun (or none I can bask in), there is darkness. I don't feel hopeful.  I just feel sad and just want to go to bed. I know this will pass and the days will eventually get longer again (well not until after the 21 of December) but its all just making me feel grumpy, sad and even a little angry. 

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  1. I absolutely hate the time change and how it gets dark earlier. Sorry you're feeling down...not too much longer than 12/21! That's what I tell myself.