Monday, November 21, 2011


I forgot this morning when I made my post, that today starts ICLW week! Hello and welcome to those who visit this blog for the first time.  Please see my TTC journey page to get the scoop.  I am relatively new (just a few weeks) to blogging and this is my first ICLW.  I look forward to receiving comments from many new people and reading new blogs!  My goal is to become an Iron Commenter. Just because I really have nothing better to do and I enjoy 'meeting' new people through their blogs!

Once again, thanks for reading!!


  1. Good luck on being an iron commenter... I always think of trying that, but.... Happy ICLW and thanks for visiting...

  2. There's no way I'll ever be an Iron Commenter. It's all I can do to meet the minimum ;-)
    Cheering you on...

    @StolenEggs - ICLW#82